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Giovannetti - One of the Good Guys & a True Pro

THURSDAY, JANUARY 10, 2013 – 7:07 PM

Scott Lacefield (Twitter: @ScottLacefield)


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Earlier today we made the announcement that Robert Giovannetti will step aside from his radio play-by-play duties with Texas Tech Red Raider baseball. From someone who interacted with “Gio” on an everyday basis during the baseball season, let me say, he will be greatly missed by everyone.

Now, before I move along further, I do need to say that Gio will still be around the ballpark in his new role of play-by-play TV announcer for Red Raider baseball. Soon the TV broadcast schedule will be announced and Giovannetti will be the play-by-play announcer.

In his five seasons – two where I have worked alongside him as the athletics communications contact for baseball and even worked some games as the color commentator on the radio broadcast – Gio has done an outstanding job bringing the action of Red Raider baseball to all of its fans. Parents of players on the team, alumni, fans in Lubbock and to all of the Red Raider fans across the country – everyone enjoyed his descriptive calls of Red Raider baseball.

Gio formed close relationships with all of the baseball coaches, staff, trainers, student-athletes, managers and anyone else who he came in contact with. There wasn’t one person in the program who didn’t look forward to seeing Gio at the ballpark.

He wanted listeners of the broadcast to be a part of the action. He set up an email account for fans, parents or anyone to ask questions throughout the game. A true interactive way to get the fans involved in the game broadcast. He did everything he could to bring the action to the fans.

There are always parents who get frustrated with not being able to be at the game, maybe how their son would perform or even the amount of playing time he would receive. But one thing is for sure, they loved Gio’s broadcast and his way of talking about every player and how they found ways to contribute.

I always loved seeing families and parents when they would get a chance to meet Gio on a road trip or when they would make it to Lubbock. They were all so grateful and thanked him over and over for the work that he did. It was no secret, he did an outstanding job.

It was always amazing how prepared he was for calling the action no matter what else was going on in his life at that time. He found ways to manage working at FOX 34, an educational software company, his current job as Associate Vice Chancellor for Communications and Marketing with the Texas Tech University System and also his wife and daughter.

Oh and by the way, if his current job title sounds important, it’s because it is!

Gio always came to the ballpark with a great attitude and could always bring a smile to the student-athletes and even coaches’ faces when he would be in conversation with them or even during his pre-game interviews.

Typically as a season goes on in any sport, student-athletes who are selected to do an interview at times can grow tired of doing interviews. I can honestly say I never had a student-athlete over the past two years sigh, moan or grown about doing a pre-game interview with him… And it was because Gio was so professional, respectful and did an outstanding job with his interview questions. A true pro!

There was never a question of whether he was prepared. He would always be aware of the next milestone, streak or tidbit that was about to happen. He would inform me of things that were on the horizon that at times that I wasn’t even aware of.

He always respected the program. The past players, the past coaches or anyone who at one point was a Red Raider, Gio held in high regard. He found ways to honor the previous players and coaches without ever stepping on the toes of our active Red Raiders.

Gio is one of the all-time good-guys in collegiate athletics, media and really any walk of life. I am very grateful to have had the opportunity to work with him in the past and although he won’t be a few rows behind me in the bus on the road, I will cherish the times we have spent together and look forward to the next. I have been very fortunate to call Robert Giovannetti a tremendous co-worker and also a friend.

I will serve as his color commentator for this last tribute of this blog, as I loved his sign off on Red Raider victories:


Guns Up!

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